SORs talk

Gosh but was today a bit frantic! An early Mass for a deceased person, followed by binning most of my post and dealing with some of it, finalising the talk for tonight and then motoring off to Parkminster. The M25 was ghastly today and despite leaving early, I arrived 15 minutes late, just as the Novice Master was about to give up on me. Deo Gratias! If he had sent the novices and simply professed back to their cells, it would have taken ages for them all to gather again.

Sadly, I had to miss Vespers today in order to drive back round the M25, and up the A2 to North Greenwich to take the tube. Even so, the traffic meant I was a little late meeting Fr Richard Whinder at the Spaghetti House in Victoria before the Faith in Focus meeting.

There was a good attendance for the talk on "The challenge of the Sexual Orientation Regulations legislation." Several blog readers were there and I was happy to meet one or two commenters in person. I spoke about the SORs and their impact, the Catholic Church's teaching on sex, marriage, chastity and homosexuality, and then on the various responses that we could make, including, most importantly, the response of living as holy a life as we can. Sorry but some parts of the talk are still in note form. I will really try to find time to edit it and post it on the internet as I know some of you have asked to see a copy.

A couple of people afterwards told me that they had heard of the talk from the newsletter published at the Gay Mass at Warwick Street. They had been with the group gathered outside the Church to say the Rosary. They have promised to bring me the newsletter tomorrow at the Prayer Vigil in response to the "99 names of Allah" concert. I think there were also one or two people who came in response to the same newsletter who disagreed with what I said. I would have liked to have a chat afterwards but perhaps on another occasion we can talk. I know many of the people involved in the Gay Mass: they know I disagree with it and I know that they disagree with what I say. Hey! we can still talk.

Afterwards, many of the group repaired to the "Ha Ha Bar" in Victoria. This is one of those modern quasi-pub establishments that were not around when I was younger. All rather confusing to me but it had tasteful polished hardwood, glass, and leather seats and good continental wheat beer. Lots of good contacts made and some very stimulating discussion about various things including the law, the EU, medical ethics, and blogging.

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