Interview for EWTN

After Mass today, and the consecration of the parish to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, taking phone calls and trying to skim a little off the paperwork menacingly building up on my desk, I went over to St Wilfrid's Hall at the London Oratory where a mobile studio for EWTN was all set up for Joanna Bogle (Auntie Joanna) to do a series of interviews for the series Catholic Lives. We did two fifteen minute sessions on the priesthood, the parish, the Church in England, blogging and vocation. It was great to meet the EWTN team as well as Marcus Grodi and his wife who were also in London.

Afterwards, Joanna and I went next door to the Victoria and Albert Museum for tea. Here is the tea:

And here is the setting:

It is a good place to have tea since you have to walk past various glorious exhibits to get to the tea room. On the way back, we stopped to look at this beautiful 16th century chalice:

In the entrance lobby, we were confronted by a ludicrous blob hanging from the ceiling, obscuring the Victorian Gothic architecture. I did a quick interview with Joanna on my mini camcorder and will post that on YouTube in due course.

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