Father Kevin Douglas

Warmest congratulations to Father Kevin Douglas who was ordained to the priesthood yesterday by Cardinal O'Brien at the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Edinburgh.

The Cathedral itself is quite beautiful. I managed to get a photo before going in to vest for the Mass:

The Ordinary of the Mass was a short polyphonic setting which was sung with vigour and "attack", I think the word is. It was sublime, prayerful and well chosen for the occasion. Cardinal O'Brien's recent pro-life sermon in which he urged politicians to examine their consciences on the matter was a great boost to pro-lifers everywhere. Last evening, he spoke warmly of the priestly ministry and it was kind of him to mention those who had travelled from the South of England to be present.

Deacon for the Mass was the newly-ordained Rev Sean Riley who is studying at Oscott College:

After Mass the reception was held in the Hall next door. Father Douglas gave a warm-hearted speech of thanks.

Here he is with Sister Andrea Fraile of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life:

There was a good showing from the younger section of the Faith Movement, regulars at the major conferences that we hold for young people.

Fr Brendan Gerard from the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter is pictured here talking to Sr Roseann Reddy of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life:

Fr Hugh MacKenzie and Jamie McMorrin look here as though they are acting as bouncers for the occasion - "If your name's not on the list, yer not comin in!"

In addition to my "citizen journalism", the mainstream media was also represented... David Kerr (centre), whose research work on Panorama's "Sex in the Holy City" is featured in a whole chapter of Robin Aiken's "Can we Trust the BBC?"

Ad multos annos to Father Douglas. After summer, he will be spending the remainder of his first year of priesthood in Rome finishing his studies. This is a great opportunity for a newly-ordained priest, offering opportunities to celebrate Mass in some of the most historic Churches and Christian sites in the world. I remember my own experience of this privilege and wish him well.

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