Motu Proprio white knuckle ride

Having shown so much interest in the Motu Proprio, I though I had better have a post on the latest information. See this Rorate Caeli post which has the translation of an Italian article at the Papal News website Petrus by Bruno Volpe. Apparently the MP is to be published before the Pope's summer vacation. When is that? you ask. "New Catholic" helpfully specifies:
The Pope's vacation this summer will take place in a small villa owned by the Diocese of Treviso, in the tiny hamlet of Lorenzago di Cadore, Province of Belluno, in the Veneto region, in the July 9-27 period.
In an interesting detail, the report says that the MP
[...] will be presented in a Press Conference by Cardinals Francis Arinze, Dario Castrillon Hoyos, and Julian Herranz.
The report has a quotation from the excellent Fr Nicola Bux who spoke at launch of Fr Michael Lang's Turning Towards the Lord in Rome in April last year.
"You may write calmly [that] Pope Benedict XVI loves agreement and collaboration, and does not wish to decide everything on his own, which is why he has heard several and repeated opinions, but the Motu Proprio for the liberalization of the Latin Mass has been signed and its publication is imminent, I would say it is a matter of days."
Ma Beck, commenting on Mulier Fortis's post on the subject hopes that it will be on her birthday, 17 June. Mine is on 1 July and it would be a good birthday present for me too!

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