Motu Proprio now official

The Vatican Press Office has issued a communiqué on yesterday's meeting between the Pope and various Bishops as reported on Kath.Net and followed up on Fr Z's blog, here and lots of other places. But the announcement is also an official confirmation that the Motu Proprio will be published in a few days once it has been sent to the Bishops round the world with an indication of its subsequent coming into force. ("entrata in vigore" - I like the sound of that.)

F Z reports that the Vatican site was knocked offline :-) He also has a commentary on an article in the New York Times. As he says, it reveals that someone did a little homework. Jeff Miller has an excellent boilerplate for mainstream media articles about the matter with all the right manifestations of ignorance about the matter. See

Build your own Motu Proprio story. He also suggests follow-up for human interest:
You can always do a man in the street interview outside of a Catholic Church after Mass. Though contrary to what you might think don't ask younger Catholics their opinion on this, look for someone with gray hair to get a good quote on why this change is bad.
Incidentally, now that there is an official mention of the Motu Proprio on the Vatican Website, I wonder if that chappie who implied that we were all fibbing about it and called us "Ultra conservative spin doctors" will be inclined to apologise at all? Fr Z suggest re-reading the article when the MP is published. Not a bad idea - perhaps we should do a video for YouTube?

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