Catholic Mom of 10 blows up blogger and shrinks herself

Jackie Parkes, the Catholic Mom of 10 has moved her blog to a new home: Catholic Mom of 10 revisited. This is mainly because she overstepped the limit of the picasa account that comes free with blogger by posting dozens of large res photos every day.

Please don't post any sensible advice about using Flickr, Facebook, reducing the file size of the photos, etc. Jackie has had plenty of that and blithely ignored it. I suppose if you are a mother of 10, you just learn to get any job done the quickest way. Just starting up a new blog is certainly hassle free and rather makes a mockery of the picasa limit :-)

Jackie is now advocating "shrinking by cycling" and was trying to persuade me to take up the activity following the example of my good friend Fr Guy Nicholls. Her daughters are joking that it may soon be Catholic Mom of 11 because she was sick the other morning (More amusements at the Parkes household!) It's probably just all that talk of sizing and re-sizing blogs, photos, and people, and cycling - it's making me dizzy.

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