Two important interviews

Fr Z has picked up on two important recent interviews: Cardinal Hoyos with the magazine Jesus and Mgr Guido Marini with Il Giornale.

From the interview with Cardinal Hoyos:
If in a diocese priests are lacking and only three or four faithful request the extraordinary rite, it’s a matter of common sense to think that it is difficult to satisfy this request. However, since it is the Pope’s intention, his mens, to grant this treasure for the good of the Church, in a place where there are no priests the best option would be to offer a celebration according to the extraordinary rite in one of the parish Sunday Masses. It would be a Mass for everyone, and everyone, including younger generations, would benefit from the riches of the extraordinary rite, for example, those moments of contemplation that have disappeared in the Novus Ordo.
As a parish priest I found this very encouraging. There are inevitably a few people who complain about the use of Latin or facing Eastward to celebrate Mass. But most of my Masses each week are Novus Ordo, and versus populum. I am sure that many parishes would benefit from a more open approach to traditional liturgy rather than a narrow-minded insistence on only the Novus Ordo, only English, only versus populum. It is also indeed true that a number of young people are growing to love the older form of the Mass.

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