Walking to Tyburn

This time last year, I posted about the Tyburn Pilgrimage so you can read up there about the present form of today's Pilgrimage. Miles Jesu also have a Tyburn Walk which will probably take the place of the Guild's pilgrimage over the next few years. Miles Jesu have also obtained the excellent "pamphlets" (today they would probably be published as 200 page paperbacks) and I am sure that they will continue to promote the knowledge of England's Catholic history.

Last year we could not go down to the Crypt at Tyburn because of the works taking place to provide disabled access. These have now been completed and so we were able once again to visit the fascinating exhibition of pictures and relics associated with the English Martyrs. The crypt altar (above) is fashioned to recall the triple scaffold at Tyburn where many people could be hanged at the same time. On the front is the legend:

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, be to me a Jesus (=saviour)

which is a refrain from the "Jesus Psalter" beloved of many of our martyrs.

I forgot to bring a proper camera along with me today so I apologise for the poor picture quality. However, the phone camera was good enough to pick up this framed quotation from St John Houghton, one of the Carthusian Martyrs.

He said these words with the rope around his neck - proving as definitively as could be that he could not only "talk the talk" but also "walk the walk"!

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