A quiet Mass and the "Way of the Jubilee"

Well there is my 2008 photo of the Basilica's from St Michael's gate. At 2pm, Fr Charles was due to say a quiet private Mass but as it turned out, most of the children did not go to the whole of the International Mass which was probably just as well since the whole underground basilica was completely filled with people standing up the entrance ramps. However, this presented me with a problem since it was not possible for the 20 people who wanted to come to Mass, to fit into the small chapels for private Masses. Fortunately, the sacristan was very accommodating and said that we could use the St Gabriel chapel provided that we were clear by 3pm. I assured him that this would be no problem.

So I did what I had heard about as an old practice - I led the children in some prayers and hymns during Mass. To be honest, I was a little nervous at this since it might have seemed strange to some people. Thank God, everything worked very well. We said some devotional prayers: acts of contrition during the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, a little catechesis during the readings, acts of offering during the Offertory, adoration during the Canon, and prayers in preparation and thanksgiving for Holy Communion. I felt that the children "participated" rather more than they often do in the Novus Ordo.

The "Way of the Jubilee" was rather difficult. There were large crowds at every station and we abandoned the circuit in order to avoid the children being squashed. We can visit the remaining stations later. On the way back down to the Grotto, we were drenched in a downpour but some of us persevered to the Grotto for a visit.

Here is a photo of most of the group in front of the crowned statue of the Blessed Virgin:

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