TLM at Lourdes blog

Fr George, one of the chaplains at Lourdes, has started a blog with information about celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass at Lourdes. I never cease to be uplifted by the sheer pastoral good sense of the people responsible for the shrine at Lourdes.

If you are taking a Pilgrimage to Lourdes and wish to schedule the Traditional Latin Mass, you can send a comment to Fr George and he will do his best to arrange things for you by scheduling a Mass which he will say. Please take heed of his various remarks with which I greatly sympathise - they bespeak some wearying experiences! (Don't make snarky bad-tempered complaints to the authorities, thus jeopardising the provision of the TLM, don't steal the altar cards, don't ask him to arrange your accommodation, and if you arrange for him to say Mass for you - don't just fail to turn up for it!)

Biretta-tip to my good friend Fr John Zuhlsdorf, indefatigable scourge of bad translation. When I got back from the Tyburn Walk, I found a message in my voicemail wishing me a Happy World Day for Social Communications ;-)

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