A sad story

Brian Rutledge, who has been removed from the clerical state, has been convicted of offences against a boy of 17 and sentenced to 4 years and 10 months in prison. (See Southern Daily Echo: Ex priest jailed for sex abuse

The judge commented:
"I am sad to say I saw absolutely no indication of regret or remorse, let alone repentance, from you at your trial. [...] I have seldom seen someone so self-centred and less concerned for the wellbeing of others."
The boy who was abused is now a mature adult and I have known him for many years. Fortunately, he has had some good friends (including some priests) who have tried to do what they can to offer informal support during the harrowing time of the investigation and the trial at which he gave evidence. It was the quality of his evidence that went a long way to securing the conviction of this man.

His statement has not been given much publicity and so I am glad to give it some prominence here. He wants to say:
"I am relieved that the criminal proceedings have ended. I can now look to the future content in the knowledge that the individual concerned is less likely to commit any further offences of this nature."
Please remember my friend and his family in your prayers.

Incidentally, there are the usual misguided comments over at the Daily Echo. If you can spare a few minutes, go over and say something sensible.

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