News of SPES

Last November, I wrote about my visit to the School of Evangelisation at St Patrick's, Soho Square. Jeanine, the SPES Programme Director has written to me with news of the School of Evangelisation.
They came to Soho from as far a-field as Brazil and China, expecting to deepen their understanding of Catholic teaching, but the seven confident young people who are finishing St Patrick’s Evangelisation School (SPES) in June will leave with much more.

After a year for God, for discernment and for serving the poor the students at SPES have grown in faith and confidence in witnessing to the Truth.

Before arriving in London, Jenny Janeczko, a student from America, had reservations about approaching people in the street. Today she is the one who prays with the homeless, and invites them into the church during her lunch breaks.

Another student, Anthony Errington from Lancashire, said that through his experience at SPES he has learned a lot about himself, who he really is and has found the confidence to take the next steps in following God’s call.
For more news and updates, see the blog Hope in the Heart of Soho.

St Patrick's Evangelisation School (SPES) is a 9-month course forming young adults (20-30 years of age) in the Catholic faith. The School is now recruiting for next year. so if you are interested, have a look at the Application page which gives more information and a contact link.

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