Peter Cantor's heresy - for children

Thanks to for the link to Fr Ray Blake: 10 Year Olds Knew it in 1948 for the link to the Treasure chest of Fun and Fact which has scans of cartoon books from the 1940s, includng some Catholic catechetical books.

In my Sacramental Theology course, I mention the heresy of Peter Cantor who said that the bread did not become the body and blood of Christ until the consecration of the chalice. After this, the priest genuflected immediately after the consecration of the sacred host, and then elevated the host, demonstrating faith in the real presence of Christ. The genuflection after the consecration of the chalice was only introduced later - and in fact the reverence remained absent in the Carthusian rite of Mass where the prostration was done after the consecration of the sacred host.

I was amazed to see that this this little nugget of theological history found its way into a 1940s comic book for children:

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