Swiss potato conspiracy?

In the run-up to the Euro 2008 football tournament, the Swiss Government has eased restrictions on the import of potatoes so that an extra 5000 tonnes can be shipped in. (Reuters: You want fries with that? YES!!!!)

The claim is that the country will need extra potatoes in order to provide chips for all the football supporters. I smell a rat here. Nowadays, going to football is so expensive that only stockbrokers and estate agents can afford to attend. These are not your stereotyped burger and chips eating hooligans of old: to meet their needs, the Swiss Government would need to import several tonnes of Salade Nicoise. No, there must be another reason for the potatoes.

My guess is that the Swiss Church has looked on with envious regard at the Potato Mass and that they want to put on a spectacular of their own. They will probably invite the yodelling priest to sing the Collect. (See: Videos vom Oktoberfest 2003 and scroll down to Der Kollekten-Jodler)

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