OK, first of all the acronyms. CMF - the Christian Medical Fellowship which is doing sterling work in supporting the family and promoting the sanctity of human life. BMA - the British Medical Association, the UK based professional association for doctors. ARM - the Annual Representative Meeting of the BMA, its key policy-making meeting. This year's meeting will be from 7-10 July.

The CMF has a good page a motion from Evan Harris MP of the Oxford division, analysing the motion and Harris's overall strategy. (Cf. How MPs plan to liberalise the Abortion Law) The motion is number 528 (page 80) in the full agenda for the meeting (pdf 904kb).

This motion, to be considered on the Thursday morning (10 July), proposes a serious restriction upon pro-life doctors who conscientiously object to abortion. Harris wishes them to be forbidden to claim that they give "balanced advice" and to be forced to refer patients to doctors who will carry out abortions.

This is an example of the "dictatorship of relativism" at work. Doctors who are willing to kill unborn babies give balanced advice. Doctors who disagree with killing unborn babies give unbalanced advice.

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