Today's Pontifical Mass

Following on from Justin's report, here are some photos from today's Pontifical High Mass at Westminster Cathedral, celebrated by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos. Above you can see His Eminence solemnly entering the Cathedral, giving his blessing as he passed along.

The push-chairs illustrate the youth of the congregation: there were many young families with babies. Their occasional wailing did not matter a bit.

Above you can see Fr Hudson, the Subdeacon (centre), myself as the second Assistant Deacon (left) and Fr Wadsworth as Deacon for the Mass (right)

The Cathedral was completely packed for the Mass. These photos were taken from about two-thirds the way down the nave. People were standing at the back and all the way down the side aisles.

Today was a magnificent, joyful and hope-filled celebration of the Roman Rite in its finest form with the Cathedral Choir singing and over two thousand people participating actively by uniting themselves spiritually with what was happening at the altar.

After Mass, the piazza outside Westminster Cathedral was in truly festive mood. I met many good friends there from pro-life and pro-family groups, from apostolic movements for young people, from university chaplaincies, and from religious orders that are flourishing. I was also glad to meet people who know me only through this blog, and priests from all over the country.

Cardinal Hoyos hoped that today's Mass would be a sign for people throughout the world that the Classical Roman Rite was part of their heritage. Some people in England have said that there is no demand for the Traditional Roman Rite. It would be hard to sustain this position after witnessing the exuberant demonstration of faith at Westminster Cathedral this afternoon.

More coverage: Damien Thompson in the Daily Telegraph: Latin Mass to return to England and Wales; BBC: Church 'comeback' for Latin mass

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