Helsinki bishop to move to Lublin

One of the benefits of modern technology is that when you are out for lunch with a fellow priest, it is possible to have a quick look at the days "Bolletino" from the Vatican. Very often there is not much to write home about but on Saturday, I was surprised to see the announcement that Bishop Josef Wróbel of Helsinki was appointed as one of the assistant Bishops of the Diocese of Lublin.

The Finnish news service YLE news describes it as an "abrupt departure" and a "surprise move". This could just be journalese - most episcopal appointments are a bit of a surprise and happen abruptly. Nevertheless, I did find it intriguing that an Ordinary should be taking up post as an auxiliary Bishop - perhaps there is some special need in Lublin or perhaps Bishop Wrobel wishes to return to his alma mater.

My friends in Helsinki will no doubt be wondering who their new Bishop is going to be.

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