CTS in support of the Catholic faith

There has been a lot of interest in the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) pamphlet on Exorcism written by Jeremy Davies. I wrote about this recently (Cf. Good pamphlet on exorcism). Many of the stories have been of the type "Yoga makes you possessed" and have ignored the important spiritual advice given by Fr Davies but the internet provides people with the links to get the original text so I hope that the publicity helps.

Yesterday, the CTS presented its new Catholic Bible to the Holy Father at the General Audience.

This is also an opportune moment to remind your of the CTS/Evangelium conference to be held from 8-10 August (for 18 to 35s).

The marketing director of CTS has told me that this blog is the top referring website according to Google Analytics. I'm very pleased to support the excellent work of the CTS. Family Publications also send me copies of their new publications. I am very happy to review and publicise good (and orthodox) Catholic books, pamphlets and initiatives here, so if you have a list of reviewers, do feel free to include me on the list. A review on a blog can get you direct links for those who want to purchase your products. And I appreciate getting a copy directly so that I can give publicity to good Catholic things...

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