Quarant 'Ore at Avergavenny

Fr Thomas Regan OSB sends the pictures and this report:
Just over 800 persons participated in the traditional ‘Forty Hours Devotion’ (Quarant Ore) held at Our Ladye & St.Michael’s in Abergavenny from 20th-22nd May 2008. Parishioners, either as individuals or as family or parish groups, volunteered to adore the Blessed Sacrament throughout the 40 hours of adoration, which was peppered with specific gatherings for such as Holy Mass, Morning Prayer, Divine Mercy Chaplet, The Holy Rosary, Evening Prayer, and Compline. Primary school children from OLSM visited the Blessed Sacrament in groups, and had the opportunity to make a good Confession. The exposition was concluded with Solemn Benediction and the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament, followed a little later by Solemn High Mass in the Traditional Rite, which was also attended by parishioners from neighbouring parishes.
It is good to hear that so many people took part, including the children. I seem to be receiving many different reports of children's "active participation" in traditional liturgical events.

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