HCPT Masses

Paulinus has written an important post: HCPT and me. In it, he raises questions regarding the Masses celebrated by the HCPT at Lourdes.

This is a subject which often stirs deep emotions. How could anyone criticise the good work of HCPT for all those disabled children? So let us first note that Paulinus has given due and appropriate recognition and praise to the work of HCPT and all the volunteers (among whom he worked for many years.)

Nevertheless, the liturgy as celebrated at these events cannot remain permanently a taboo subject. It is reasonable to ask why it is felt necessary to celebrate Mass with priests in coloured wigs, choral histrionics and a general atmosphere of football match yahoo clowning. (For illustrations, see the photos on the HCPT website)

Why not do this outside of Mass and celebrate the liturgy with reverence, times of silence, and a sense of the sacred? These things are also accessible to the disabled and to children.

Let me emphasise that I heartily commend the work of HCPT and all their young volunteers. But I know from experience that disabled children can gain much from reverently celebrated liturgy. "Rise and Shine" can be sung in the park afterwards as part of a social gathering surely?

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