Credo of the People of God "written by Maritain"

Sandro Magister has a fascinating story concerning the Credo of the People of God issued by Pope Paul VI in 1968. (Cf. The Credo of Paul VI. Who Wrote It, and Why) Between Maritain, the great theologian Charles Journet and Pope Paul VI, the text arose, principally written by Maritain, according to an article by Cardinal Cottier in Trenta Giorni.

I well remember the little red CTS copy of the Credo of the People of God. Fr Nesbitt handed copies round to us at school and I read it avidly as a teenager when the faith was being attacked all around in modernist sermons, the destruction of catechetics - yes, and the collapse of the Liturgy. The Credo of the People of God was one of those anchors by which ordinary Catholics could assure themselves that the faith of the Church had not changed, and that we still believed what the Fathers believed.

Here is a link to the text of the Credo of the People of God.

H/T Fr Z

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