APGL Conference today

Today, I will be in London all day for the conference of the Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life. The theme is "The Priest and the Gospel of Life." Mgr Ignacio Barreiro, the head of Human Life International's Rome office, has flown over from Rome to speak to us on "The Role of the Priest in Promoting the Gospel of Life." Back in May, I posted his fine Statement on AIDS and Condoms.

In the afternoon, I will be speaking on "Challenges and Opportunities in Pro-Life Preaching." It is quite a challenge in itself to address an audience of priests who are enthusiastic and well-informed in their promotion of the pro-life cause.

The Conference is being held at St Wilfrid's Hall at the London Oratory so I will have the opportunity to see some of my good friends from the Oratory. Please remember us all in your prayers that God will help us to do our part in preaching the Gospel of Life.

A few of us will be going on for dinner afterwards so my apologies if I do not get the chance to put up any other posts today.

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