St Alphonsus for priests (Sunday)

Prayer to be said by the priest after celebrating Mass (Sunday)

O most loving Jesus, my Redeemer and my God, I adore you, present in my breast under the appearances of bread and wine, by which you have become the food and drink of my soul.

May your advent to my soul, O my God, be infinitely blessed; I give you thanks from the depth of my heart for such a great gift, and I lament that I have not the power to pour out worthy thanks to you. And what worthy thanks could a humble peasant offer, if he were to see himself visited in his rustic home by the king himself, except to cast himself down at his feet and silently to admire and praise such appreciation? Therefore I fall down before you, O divine King, O most sweet Jesus, and I adore you from the abyss of my vileness. I join my adoration to the adoration which the most blessed Virgin Mary offered to you when she received you into her most sacred womb, and I would like to show you the love with which she loved you.

O lovable Redeemer, today, obedient to my words, you descended into my hands from heaven: and I alas! How many times have I spurned you with an ungrateful soul by disobeying your precepts, and rejected your love and your grace! O good Jesus, I trust that you have already granted to me the forgiveness of my transgressions; but if through my own fault you have not yet spared me, now, I beg you, forgive me, O infinite goodness, for I repent with my whole heart for having offended you.

I wish that I had always loved you, Jesus! At least from the day when I celebrated my first Mass, I should have burnt out with an unparalleled love. You chose me from among thousands to be your priest and your friend. What more should you have done in order to be loved by me? But I thank you because you offer me the time to carry out what I have omitted to do. From my whole heart I wish to love you. No indeed, I do not wish to admit any affection in my heart except for you, who have bound me by such great kindnesses to love you in return.

My God and my all. O my God, what are riches to me? What are honours? What are pleasures? You are everything for me. Henceforth, you alone will be my only good, my only love. May I say to you with Saint Paulinus Let the rich have their riches, the kings their kingdoms; for me, Christ is glory and kingdom. Let kings and the rich enjoy their kingdoms and their riches; You, O good Jesus, will alone be for me my riches and my kingdom.

O eternal Father, through the love of this Your Son, whom today I have offered to you and received in my heart, grant to me, I beg you, holy perseverance in your grace and the gift of your holy love. I also commend to you my neighbours, friends and enemies, the souls in purgatory and all sinners.

O my Mother, Mary most holy, obtain for me holy perseverance and the love of Jesus Christ.

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