Where I will be tomorrow

In case I don't get time later on, I thought I had better do a WIWBT post. Tomorrow, I will be travelling up to St Andrew's University in Scotland, to speak to the Catholic Society at its home "Canmore". I expect to meet one or two other bloggers and to view some spectacularly creative liturgy from the students after a few drinks afterwards.

It is quite a long journey. The AA says it is 475 miles from me and would take 8 hours and 34 minutes to drive. Needless to say, I will not be driving as it is only an overnight trip. More about the journey in another post.

This trip, I will be speaking on "The Church: Man's living link with God". On previous visits over the years, I have had some more testing assignments. Many years ago, I was invited to debate the question of women priests with a priest from the Columban Fathers. Ten years ago, terrifyingly, I was invited to give a talk on St Andrew. I will post some notes from that talk later.

St Andrews is a beautiful place to study. Scotland is just that little bit less secular and pagan than England, and St Andrews has all the charm of Oxford and Cambridge in a more isolated location and with a closer-knit community. I am really looking forward to seeing the present generation of students who sound like a whole lot of fun. I'll be taking my big camera. Here is an idea of the kind of place it is: "The Scores", the home of Canmore overlooking the sea and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

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