Journey tips (City airport)

The Woolwich ferry is certainly an experience but not worth trying at 7.30am. I had to wait in the marshalling yard for about 45 minutes so the trip across the Thames took about an hour. I could have driven to Gatwick or Stansted in the time. (Coming back was not quite so bad at 4pm today - only took about 40 minutes.)

The other piece of advice is: don't do what I did and nochanlantly drive to City Airport thinking to leave you car there overnight. I am not even going to tell you how much it cost - suffice it to say that I would probably have saved money by being chauffered there in a stretch limo.

But the rest of the journey was OK. I especially recommend Scot Airways. It sounds like a mickey-mouse company but was really good. They fly Dornier 328 turbo props which have a passenger capacity of 31 and cruise at a maximum of 325 knots. This means that you get a pleasant uncrowded flight which gets to Edinburgh in about an hour. The students pointed out to me that Dundee airport is nearer to St Andrews and Scot Airways also fly there from City Airport.

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