Halloween Mass: priest apologises

Fr Fred Bailey, the priest who celebrated the Halloween Mass, has sent a letter ot Bishop Brown apologising for his lapse of judgement. You can read the full text of the letter at the Cafeteria is Closed post: Halloween Mass priest apologizes. The letter concludes:
I realize that my pastoral neglect and lack of prudent judgment has caused great concern and offense to many in the Church. I have given my life as a priest to the Church of the Diocese of Orange and it causes me great pain to realize that my lapse in judgment could so easily transform a wonderful family tradition into something questionable and repugnant to people of good faith. From my heart I apologize to you and to the larger community of the faithful for my pastoral neglect. I await your counsel and assistance in determining an appropriate manner of making amends for this matter.
Personally, I am grateful to Fr Fred and admire his sense of duty in defending the laity involved and accepting responsibility as pastor. Please remember him and his parish in your prayers.

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