Where I will be tomorrow

A day trip to Krakow. An advantage of living in Europe is that you can do this sort of thing. Fr Marcin Kordel, a priest of the Canons Regular of the Lateran at Eltham, offered to show me around Krakow. We are going tomorrow morning first thing, with Ryanair, and returning with Sky Europe at Wednesday lunchtime.

In fact, Krakow is just under 1000 miles from London: a little nearer than Rome and about the same distance as New York from St Louis. There are several companies running cheap flights and apparently things in Poland are very reasonable. I would like to get some vestments etc. but will probably keep this as a reconnaissance trip and plan another next year.

It may or may not be possible to post later today when I get back from Wonersh, or tomorrow in Poland. So here are some pictures I found on the internet. First a view that I found of of Krakow by night:

And here is one of the places that I might get to visit (Corpus Christi Church):

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