Interview with Father de Tanoüarn

At the Angelqueen forum there is an Interview with Father de Tanoüarn of the Good Shepherd Institute which was recently set up to accommodate some priests and seminarians who had left the Society of St Pius X. It is well worth reading for an insight into the perception of the pontificate of Pope Benedict. Just one quotation for you. In the course of answering a question about the foundation of the Institute of the Good Shepherd, Father de Tanoüarn said:
And we shall not forget the very nature of things: It was not possible to remain suspended for great a period of time. A Catholic heart can’t stand it too long. We found in Rome warm understanding, pastoral charity, and also great diplomatic skills by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos.
I'm not completely clear about the policy of the Angelqueen Forum but I think that many of those involved are sympathetic to the SSPX. It is very good of them therefore to arrange this interview and publish it.

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