Halloween Mass

Sorry to post this video, but it does rather illustrate the problems that we face in the Liturgy today. The clip includes shots from two Masses. In one, a woman dressed as a devil gives out holy communion. In the second, a woman dressed as a witch reads the scriptures, the priest tells the people in his "homily" how hot he felt last year with his superman costume under his vestments, and jokes that "Only at Corpus Christi does the Devil himself become a Eucharistic Minister". He invites all "goblins and ghouls" to pray the Lord's Prayer, and before the final blessing, he goes off to dress as Barney, comes back and dances around, including dancing with a woman dressed as a witch.

Now tell me how terrible and divisive it would be if the Holy Father were to issue a Motu Proprio giving greater freedom for the Classical Roman Rite.

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