Trains and boats and planes (etc.)

People use various routes to get from London to St Andrew's or other places in Scotland. This is the route I plan on taking tomorrow morning after saying Mass (Classical Rite) at 6.30am.

Drive to Woolwich (15 minutes - fingers crossed). Ferry to the north side of the Thames (5 minutes loading, 5 minutes crossing, 5 minutes unloading). Drive to London City Airport and park there (10 minutes). Aeroplane to Edinburgh airport (check in, waiting, flying, getting off - several hours.) Bus to Edinburgh City Centre (20 minutes). Train to Leuchars (1 hour). Student car to St Andrew's (15 minutes).

The airline (can't remember which one) "rescheduled" the flight so I have to leave from City Airport at 10am instead of 12noon. This means I have to get someone to supply my parish morning Mass. It also means that I will be travelling to the airport in the rush hour and Lord knows how long it will take me to get on the Woolwich Ferry.

Never mind. I will have my breviary with me and "On the Way to Life" which I am planning to review for Faith Magazine. Having read some of it, I think that document has to count as one of the most tedious things I have ever read in my life. A good thing to pass the time on a long journey. Also, I get an hour or two in the centre of Edinburgh to soak up the joys of the Sir Walter Scott monument, Princes Street and anything else I can find of interest.

The main thing is: I LOVE flying. (Still a boy at heart.)

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