Angelqueen Forum

Many thanks to Deacon Augustine for sending the following helpful information about the Angelqueen forum which I mentioned a short while ago.
Angelqueen is run by "servitium" aka John Grasmeier who assists at a Mass offered by the SSPX. However, he is not an SSPX exclusivist and believes that God wants traditionalists of all stripes to work together without rancour to restore His Church.

Consequently the forum has members who assist at Masses offered by the SSPX, FSSP, ICK, "Independent priests", diocesan "Indult Masses", and there are even some of us over there who are still trapped in Novus Ordo land (undermining the liberal bastions from within the walls, as it were!)

The site is increasingly becoming an international online gathering point for traditionalists and because of its influence is attracting interviews with even senior members of the hierarchy.

As with any forum it can become a little "rough and tumble" at times, but generally they are a good-hearted lot who will make people welcome. I am sure that you or any of your readers would be welcome to contribute if you have the time.

Every blessing.

Deacon Augustine

P.S. My apologies to John Grasmeier if I have misrepresented him in any way, but I think my assessment is pretty accurate. ;)

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