Halloween Mass and further scandal

In the combox of the post on the Halloween Mass, there is a poignant message from Susan Teissere. Her husband, Michael, is a cousin of Fr Rod Stephens who was involved in a homosexual relationship while in the active ministry. He took leave from active ministry yet continued to act as a paid advisor on Church "reordering" in the diocese.

Susan and Michael live near the parish where the Halloween Mass took place, and they know the person who filmed it. Several people have asked on this blog whether anyone has complained to the Bishop about the Halloween Mass. It seems that complaints have indeed been made but have got nowhere.

Susan has given me permission to publish her email address: actionem@yahoo.com and I am sure it would be a consolation for them to hear from readers of this blog who support them in their attempts to push for some accountability in these matters.

Further documentation:
The Cafeteria is closed: The Rod Stephens saga
Los Angeles Catholic Mission: Ex-priest Rod Stephens Still Works in Orange Diocese
Roman Catholic Blog: Why Does Bishop Tod Brown Support Rod Stephens? (with further links)

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