Cherie to get Vatican post?

Cherie Blair believes that the Church is wrong about contraception. A while back, she was reported by the Daily Telegraph as saying:
"Women still do not get due respect in the Church which is why, in the opinion of many people, it gets some things wrong like its teaching on contraception."
She also supported the notorious Lust for Life campaign (organised by the International Planned Parenthood Federation) as I mentioned back in May after her visit to Rome. (Bishop praises IPPF supporter)

The Family Planning Association takes a stall at the Labour Party Conference each year. In 2005, by a gesture reported on the FPA's website, Cherie showed that she not only thinks the Church has got it wrong on contraception, but that the FPA has got it right:
In addition to the fringe meetings, and to continue our 75th anniversary celebrations, Cherie Blair helped to cut a special birthday cake at our stand at the Labour Party conference. We also gave away a vibrator to a lucky winner, which got The Observer’s Pendennis in a bit of a spin!
Forgive me, then, if I find it disturbing to hear that she may soon be appointed to a post in the Vatican. This worrying news comes from Teresa Benedetta over at the Papa Ratzinger Forum:
Cherie Blair, 51, wife of the British Prime Minister and a highly-respected jurist, may soon formally become one of the Pope's 'advisers.'

Vatican sources said she may soon be sworn in as a member of the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences.

The academy is an independent entity within the Holy See and was established 12 years ago by John Paul II. New members are elected by current members from men and women on the basis of "the high level of their academic work and their moral profile" and are subsequently named directly by the Pope.

The academy, which enjoys full freedom of research, currently covers six principal fields: basic sciences, science and technology of global problems, science for the problems of the Third World, the politics and ethics of science,, bioethics, and epistemology.

Perhaps the best-known member of the Academy at present is Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.

Mrs. Blair was invited by the Pope to meet him, when she attended a meeting of the Academy last summer and delivered an address on the problems of adolescents.
Perhaps a post of this nature will count as "due respect" in Cherie Blair's eyes, and she will now feel able to advise the Church as to why its moral teaching is all wrong?

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