Dança Liturgica

This is Dança Liturgica #4. If you look at it on YouTube, you can also view #1-3 and 5 should you be so inclined.

This is certainly weird stuff. There seems to be some genuine love for the Blessed Sacrament - during the finale, an ombrellino is used and people reach out to touch the monstrance. I wouldn't put it in the same league as the "Halloween Mass" but there is obviously something very wrong here.

The occasion is a meeting of the Shalom Community, a Catholic Charismatic community founded in Brazil in 1982. Pope John Paul II did a great deal to bring the charismatic movement closer to the heart of the Church and under Pope Benedict, the Neo-catechumenal way has received some correction of some of its liturgical practices. I am sure that an authoritative intervention would be well received by the Shalom Community.

Website of the Shalom Community.
Summary report on the Shalom Community from Zenit.

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