In need of counselling

Joee Blogs has a most disturbing post about the meal at Wagamama's after the Classical Rite Mass for All Saints at Maiden Lane. With a background of stark decor, green tea and noodles, he has a picture of Andrew and says that it is him "discussing how Latin is a barrier to understanding the Mass, how he's a big supporter of Liberation Theology, women priests etc." Joe then has to explain things patiently to them in the face of Bishop Katherine and her umbrella crozier.

Andrew! Your sudden conversion to these views from being a stalwart of the Oratory obviously means that you are suffering a deep trauma. I must recommend you for counselling to some trendy nuns (Joee can point you in the right direction - he has done the research.) They will help you to rediscover your true feelings and see that you do not need to be so frightened of tradition. With the aid of whale music, coloured pebbles, and a box of tissues, they will help you to return to the Classical Mass!!!

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