Dilemmas of a would-be Traddy Womynpriest

The Mulier Fortis has been moved by the photos posted by the Curt Jester of the recent attempted ordination of women and has decided that she wishes to become a Womynpriest. (Cf. I have seen the error of my ways) However, she wishes to be a traddy Womynpriest and this presents her with a number of dilemmas (e.g. whether the mantilla should be removed when being ordained to the Minor Order of exorcist and whether it is permissible to knit when assisting in choir.) Do have a look at the combox over there which is already replete with helpful suggestions involving hair, lipstick and the crown.

Fr Steven Fisher has raised a most helpful point in referring to 1 Corinthians 14.34 where St Paul says that "the women should keep silence in the churches." This is of course much more effectively achieved in the traditional liturgy than in the Novus Ordo. It could be a point of ecumenical dialogue to suggest to our excommunicated and/or interdicted sisters that celebrating the usus antiquior would, at least, be more scriptural.

I have suggested that Mac should attend the Merton Conference next week and raise these matters there with the assembled experts in traditional liturgy.

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