Liturgy at Merton

First place at the Latin Mass Society's training Conference is given to the celebration of the sacred Liturgy. Each day, Lauds and Vespers are sung according to the breviary of 1962. Yesterday we also had Compline in the fading light between 8.30pm and 9pm with the choir stall candles lit. This evening, Vespers will be celebrated more solemnly as Pontifical Vespers with Bishop Malcolm McMahon presiding. I have to go to a practice for this as I will be in what seems to be my customary place now, the second assistant deacon.

Mass on the Monday was Solemn High Mass (photos yesterday). I forgot to mention that the vestments worn were from Richard Luzar's private collection. They belonged to Napoleon III and have never been worn in England before.

Tuesday I celebrated the Missa Cantata in the more solemn form, ably assisted by Jack Gunning as MC. This was rather daunting since not only was the editor of the latest edition of "The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described" (Dr Alcuin Reid) looking on but so was the tutor for the classes in singing the Mass,, Fr Sean Finnigan. I made one or two mistakes which were useful illustrations for the class in the afternoon :-) In fact Fr Finnegan was the preacher for the Mass so we were hoping that this might help people to work out which of us is which.

Wednesday, the Mass was celebrated by Fr Andrew Wadsworth in the more simple form of the Missa Cantata, without incense. Today we have solemn High Mass again, and tomorrow Pontifical High Mass with the Rt Rev Emmanuel Marie de St Jean, Abbot of St Mary's Abbey, Lagrasse presiding.

I will ask permission to take photographs at today's Mass and will try to get some video footage, especially of the Schola Sainte Cécile.

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