Can we see it now?

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has announced that the Congregation for Divine Worship has granted recognitio for the new English translation of the Order of Mass (i.e. the unchanging parts, not the collects etc.)

The letter granting recognitio has said that this approval does not mean that the texts are to be put into use immediately. There is to be time for pastoral preparation of priests and deacons and catechesis of the lay faithful.

Such time was not given when the execrable old-ICEL translations were foisted upon us. I remember as a teenager looking at a parallel Latin-English text and being horrified at the systematic desacralisation of the translation. I even sat down and wrote out a translation of my own in long hand to try to appreciate the beauty of the liturgical texts.

Now that the new text has been given recognitio and we are supposed to be helping the people to cope with this unaccustomed influx of sacred language, perhaps we might be allowed to see the text at last...

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