Transalpine Redemptorists

The have received news from the Holy See that all canonical censures against them have been lifted.

This is wonderful news, published yesterday on the Papa Stronsay blog where you can read the text of Fr Michael Mary's letter in which he says:
Now we have that undisputed communion! It is a pearl of great price; a treasure hidden in the field; a sweetness that cannot be imagined by those who have not tasted it or who have not known it, now for many years. Its value cannot be fully expressed in earthly language and therefore we hope that all traditional priests who have not yet done so, will answer Pope Benedict's call to enjoy the grace of peaceful and undisputed communion with him. Believe us, the price to pay is nothing; even all the angry voices that have shouted against us and calumniated us are as nothing when weighed in the scales against undisputed communion with the Vicar of Christ; others have died for it; what are raucous voices?
Congratulations to this community which follows in the footsteps of the great Saint Alphonsus and may God bless them richly in the years to come.

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