"In her best interests..."

Wales Online has the story of six year old Amber Hartland suffers from Infantile Tay-Sachs, a rare incurable brain disorder that has left her almost completely paralysed. Last week she was admitted to hospital with a chest infection but now doctors are taking legal action to prevent her being admitted to intensive care next time she is ill. (Cf. Father's joy as 'right to live' Amber comes home)

Amber is hoping to go to Lourdes next year; she is happy and comfortable and not in pain. The medical authorities are talking about "the best course of action", her "best interests", "a very complicated and sensitive situation" and the difficult decisions that have to be made.

The idea that it could be in a person's "best interests" to die was first enshrined in English law in the Tony Bland case. It is distressing to hear this same gruesome logic applied to a little girl whose parents just want to care for her and love her.

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