Evening of Reparation at the Oratory

This text from the Facebook Event "Reparation for Host Desecration":

On Wednesday 6th August there will be an EVENING OF REPARATION IN THE PRESENCE OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. This will begin with Holy Mass in the Little Oratory at, 7pm followed by Adoration with prayers, litanies and silent meditation until 10pm.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us. I realise that many people will be out of town at this time of year, in which case please unite yourselves with us spiritually in your prayers. Meanwhile, we encourage everyone to make personal acts of reparation during the next days, for all of the outrages against the Blessed Sacrament around the world - Rosaries, visits to Catholic churches, and any sacrifices we can offer, are all suitable. Please also pray for the conversion of the culprits, that they will answer God’s call to repentance and open their hearts to receive His forgiveness.

With prayers and good wishes,
Father Julian Large
I have put myself down as "attending" but this will be "in spirit" since I will be conducting a wedding rehearsal. I'm sure you will all join your prayers, penances and works of charity to this intention. In God's providence, the Oratory is an ideal Church and community to offer some fitting reparation to Almighty God for this sacrilege.

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