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I very much enjoyed the Hull Faith Forum. The talks are put on for young people of secondary school age but there are also a number of university students who come along, as well as some parents and other adults.

Although the deliberately provocative title of my talk (which I also saw posted up outside the Church of St Charles in the City Centre) focussed on the Church's teaching on contraception, I basically gave a talk about the virtue of chastity. I started by recounting some of the things that the Good Counsel Network have told me. We looked at the difference between love and infatuation, the vocation of motherhood and fatherhood, and the meaning of marriage. This was the context for explaining why the Church is right about contraception. Quite a lot all in one go, but I tried to put things simply and straightforwardly.

This was more in the nature of a "class" than a lecture so there is not a set of notes as such. The talk was recorded so it might appear as a podcast somewhere - if it does, I'll let you know.

In the questions, one of adults asked what resources there were for young people promoting chastity. We all knew of the great Pam Stenzl (who is apparently visiting England this year) but people had one or two other suggestions. So I promised to get a post together with links to resources for young people.

So do join in. These are for people aged about 11-16 any good websites promoting chastity. Of your charity, please read and follow my simple instructions on How to put links in the combox.

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