Talks on Traditional Liturgy

Today and last Friday, I spoke in my parish about the Traditional Latin Liturgy. Last week, I talked about Summorum Pontificum, facing Eastwards and the place of silence while the priest is saying various of the prayers of the Mass.

This week I spoke more about how to participate in the older form of the Roman Rite, going through the structure of the Mass but also using the advice of St Francis de Sales as an example of how to participate in Mass without necessarily following every word.

Some children were at the talk. We had some intense questions regarding the participation of young people in the liturgy and strategies that would help them. I tried to explain that young people were not particularly helped by guitar music from the 1970s. Right at the end, a young boy (not yet made his first Communion) put his hand up and said "I like the Latin Mass". I checked later and found that his Mum had not prodded him - it was purely spontaneous. Ex ore infantium et lactentium perfecisti laudem. (Matt 21.16)

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