Evening Devotions

Fr Scott Bailey CSSR in his blog "Evening Devotions" posts meditations each day - each has a substantial text for prayerful reading, an example from real life, a prayer and a practical application. When I was speaking to fellow priests last week, I said that I was impressed by the spiritual nourishment given unselfishly by priests and religious in the Catholic blogosphere. This is an outstanding example. If you wish to become more devout in your Christian life, you need to spend some time in meditation each day. Fr Bailey's posts would be a great help if you take the time to read them, ponder them, raise up your heart to God as a result, and make some practical resolution(s).

H/t Bara Brith

Father has recently had to introduce comment moderation because of someone posting blasphemous comments. This is a sign of the good that he is doing and the hatred of the devil who has used some poor disturbed person as his instrument. Pray for this person's conversion and also for Fr Scott in his wonderful work. Pray especially to Mary because:

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