Sunday High Mass

Many thanks to the Mulier Fortis for snapping away on her mobile phone during our principal Mass on Sunday. Fr Michael Culllinan, an old friend from Oxford days was visiting me for the weekend and so after persuading my Deacon, Rev Michael Baldry to act as Subdeacon, we managed to put together a High Mass for our normal scheduled principal Mass on Sunday. Here is Mac's video montage of the photos:

I have to be honest and say that we do not yet have all the music sorted out (ie. not all the texts from the Gradual are sung.) Nevertheless, the ceremonial is pretty well there.

This was proved the next day at Maiden Lane when Gregory, my young MC, acted as Master of Ceremonies for the regular Missa Cantata at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane. This was very brave of him since Gordon Dimon, Bill Tomlinson and Jonathan Hague, three veteran MCs of the Latin Mass Society, were on the sanctuary. It was good of them to give way to a youngster and allow him to take charge.

There were a number of other young families from the parish and we enjoyed a fun meal afterwards in the Coal Hole with sausages, chips and tomato sauce much in evidence.

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