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The Holy Father has now arrived in Australia and is sensibly taking a couple of days rest and retreat. Significantly, he is staying at the Kenthurst Study Centre, an Opus Dei house. Some reports have made much of the austerity of his accommodation. I would say, from my experience of Opus Dei hospitality that the accommodation will be comfortable without unnecessary luxuries, the food wholesome but not extravagant, and the atmosphere of the house priestly, prayerful and good-humoured. They will know how to show respect and courtesy to the Holy Father without smothering him. An intelligent choice of retreat on the part of our most priestly Holy Father.

Many thanks to Deo volente and Peter in the combox for these links to these additional blogs that will have coverage of the World Youth Day.

Aristotle, The Recovering Choir Director from Florida, is in Australia and has some posts and photos up already.

From the land of Oz itself, Australia Incognita will be keeping us posted.

David Webb, a keen photographer, will be posting from his pilgrimage at David's World Youth Day Journey

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