Pro Humanae Vitae demo in the Philippines

Catholic World News have an article titled Filipino bishops plan massive pro-life rally. Usually a news story like this would refer to a protest against abortion or perhaps euthanasia. This story refers to a demo next Friday 25 July, the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, organised by the Philippino Bishops against a Government proposal to provide strong support for contraceptive use via its "Reproductive Health" bill.

It is right to flag this as a "pro-life" demo because the widespread promotion of contraception is the biggest cause of abortion, as well as STIs, marital infidelity and what Pope Paul VI prophesied in Humanae Vitae, the "general lowering of morality." (n.17)

I am taking the opportunity this Sunday in view of the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, to preach about the encyclical, pointing out the new enthusiasm of many young people for the teaching of the Church which is "noble and sublime" in comparison to the tawdry and base propaganda of secularism which shows no respect for the dignity of human life or the generosity of the young.

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