Saga qualified!

Yay! I just looked at Facebook and remembered that I am now 50 years old. Young people look at me as if I am mad when I say that it is great being older. But it is - you don't make quite so many stupid mistakes, you have read lots more stuff and had more experience of things to help.

I remember the great Fr Holloway saying on the occasion of his 40th anniversary of the priesthood "After a while, one feels less like celebrating and more like making a good act of contrition." I know how he feels. So please say a Hail Mary for me today and ask God to forgive all the stupid sins I have committed over about 43 years since reaching the age of reason.

Although the internet thingy is blue again as we pull out of Doncaster, I know it will slow up again soon. So I'll look at yesterday's comments later in the day. Sorry to keep you. I must say the office now...

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