Catholic Herald WYD 2008 portal

Anna Arco has been working hard on a new blog and general information centre for news about the forthcoming World Youth Day in Sydney. It's good to see news there of groups going with Fr Dominic Allain, Fr Dominic Howarth, Fr Daniel Seward and Fr Alexander Sherbrooke.

We have a few people going from Bexley Deanery and a couple of girls contacted me from a neighbouring parish to say that they hadn't quite raised enough cash - I volunteered a personal donation since I am eager to see as many young people as possible attend this event which has the potential to change lives and open the way for young people to respond to a vocation from the Lord.

I encouraged them to be in touch via the internet - facebook, comments on blogs, start their own temporary blog or whatever. I would love to receive photos and stories for the blog. This World Youth Day is going to be the most blogged ever, I think.

If you are going, there are loads of activities over there, I know. Don't forget the essentials: make a good confession, make as devout a Holy Communion as you can, get the indulgence... and ask God what He wants you to do now.

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