Cardinal Bona's Latin

I just read the article on Cardinal Bona in the Catholic Encyclopaedia. He was a Cistercian who had to go to Rome as Abbot General. He declined the bishopric of Asti and was hoping to go back to his monastery after the end of his third term of office. However, Pope Alexander VII made him a Consultor to the Congregation for Indulgences and the Congregation of the Holy Inquisition. Clement IX made him a consultor to the new Congregation of Indulgences and Relics (Pope Benedict, if you want to revive any of those jobs, can I send you my CV?) He was created Cardinal in 1669 and was noted for his continued poverty and simplicity of life.

He wrote a number of devotional and ascetical works and an important book on the Liturgy. I particularly liked the way that the Catholic Encyclopaedia speaks of
[...] the classic purity, the manly vigour, and the charming simplicity of the Latin style
I second that!

Here is a picture of the great man. He is an important figure for the Baroque Ressourcement.

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